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Despite our best attempts and despite the support and help from many people, today I was officially terminated by San Miguel county.

My experience as a paid fire fighter retiring from Los Alamos Fire department five years ago, taught me what a quality department should consist of and what we needed to do to reach that level. I and the members of the department worked hard toward those goals. My focus during this time was entirely on reaching those goals. We completed many that I am very proud of. Unfortunately, we did not complete all the goals we set out to accomplish.

I would like to thank all of you who supported me and Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue over the years, and especially over the past four years since I became its volunteer Chief.

The status and future of the department is unclear at this point. If you have questions about that, direct them to the San Miguel County manager.

I am very proud of the work we did and the accomplishments made for the benef ~Eric Roybal


San Miguel County has just released the new alert notification system for the area. Go to and sign up! Please share this with everyone you know. ~Eric Roybal


UPDATE: All three call boxes in the canyon are now in full service. We would like to thank all who assisted with this project!


UPDATE: The call box at Terrero is now fully functional.


As most of you know, there is no cell phone service north of mile marker ten in the Pecos Canyon. As a result, if there is an emergency in the canyon, visitors must drive back down the canyon to call 911. To try to minimize this, Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue, with a generous grant from the Philip R. Jonsson Foundation is installing 3 emergency ‏call boxes in the canyon. One call box is at our station, one is at the Terrero Store and the third is at Cowles near the ponds. We have been working on this project for over a year. I am proud to say that our first call box (at our fire station) is in full service! ~Eric Roybal


Note: The Holy Ghost road and campground will be open for Labor Day weekend. However, it may be closed at times the week prior to Labor Day and will be closed immediately after Labor Day, most likely until next spring. A contractor will be making road repairs from damage from the Tres Lagunas fire during the closure. ~Eric Roybal


Here is an update for those following the judicial process regarding Michael Winsor, charged with arson and several counts of illegal entry and associated damages in the Pecos Canyon.

Having been subpoenaed to testify at a preliminary hearing, department members Chris Long and Bobb Barnes were present this morning at the San Miguel County Magistrate Courthouse. Deputy District Attorney Kit Ayala informed them that there would be no hearing this day pending determination of Michaelís competency to stand trial.

Michael remains on mental hold in Las Vegas undergoing further evaluations and, should there be a trial, our people will again respond to subpoenas and provide further updates. ~Bobb Barnes


The Preliminary Examination for Michael Winsor is scheduled to take place on August 20, 2014 at 9:30 AM. It will take place in Court Room #2, magistrate court in Las Vegas under Judge Chris Najar. The actual trial will take place at a later date. ~Eric Roybal


Today we attended the arraignment of the subject that was arrested last night. His name is Michael Winsor and is facing 11 charges of burglary, two firearms charges, two arson charges and several other related charges. His bail remains at $200,000.00 cash only. If he is convicted, it looks like we won't be seeing Michael for a long, long time. ~Eric Roybal


This evening NM State Police arrested a male subject inside a cabin on Grass Mountain that he had apparently broken into. He is a person of interest in the two recent structure fires in the area. We would like to thank NM State Police for making this a high priority and for their dedication and commitment. ~Eric Roybal


I am very proud to announce that Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue has just received our new ISO Community Report. The new rating will assist many homeowners in the Pecos Canyon with discounted insurance rates.

Please click here for more information.

~Eric Roybal


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