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Slash and Trash Fires


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The Pecos Valley has been designated as a Planning Stage for evacuation.

To see interactive map for evacuation status click HERE TO SEE MAP. ~Eric Roybal


Slash and Trash Fires

The burning of trash and any other material that is not solely vegetative is prohibited at all times in the state of New Mexico.

The burning of slash, brush, grass and other woody material is permitted under certain conditions.

In order to burn, an individual is required to contact Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue prior to burning. Burning will not be allowed if the current fire danger is at High or Extreme, on Red Flag days or on days where wind is predicted. See our website for current fire conditions. If the current fire danger allows, we may inspect the area, the material to be burned, look for any exposures and provide direction on the open burn. Woody material piles to be burned must be 1,000 cubic feet in size or less and burning, if allowed, must be continuously attended and must be accomplished only during daylight hours.

Any burns conducted without prior approval from Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue will be extinguished. If illegal burning persists, legal action will be pursued.

Properly Dispose of Hot Ashes

How to Properly Dispose of Hot Ashes

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