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Despite our best attempts and despite the support and help from many people, today I was officially terminated by San Miguel county.

My experience as a paid fire fighter retiring from Los Alamos Fire department five years ago, taught me what a quality department should consist of and what we needed to do to reach that level. I and the members of the department worked hard toward those goals. My focus during this time was entirely on reaching those goals. We completed many that I am very proud of. Unfortunately, we did not complete all the goals we set out to accomplish.

I would like to thank all of you who supported me and Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue over the years, and especially over the past four years since I became its volunteer Chief.

The status and future of the department is unclear at this point. If you have questions about that, direct them to the San Miguel County manager.

I am very proud of the work we did and the accomplishments made for the benef ~Eric Roybal


San Miguel County has just released the new alert notification system for the area. Go to and sign up! Please share this with everyone you know. ~Eric Roybal


UPDATE: All three call boxes in the canyon are now in full service. We would like to thank all who assisted with this project!


UPDATE: The call box at Terrero is now fully functional.


As most of you know, there is no cell phone service north of mile marker ten in the Pecos Canyon. As a result, if there is an emergency in the canyon, visitors must drive back down the canyon to call 911. To try to minimize this, Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue, with a generous grant from the Philip R. Jonsson Foundation is installing 3 emergency ‏call boxes in the canyon. One call box is at our station, one is at the Terrero Store and the third is at Cowles near the ponds. We have been working on this project for over a year. I am proud to say that our first call box (at our fire station) is in full service! ~Eric Roybal



Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue was established in 1995 after Huie Ley and Eric Roybal petitioned the San Miguel County commission to establish a Fire Protection District in the Pecos Canyon. The commission and the State Fire Marshal`s Office recognized the need and approved the request.

A location was found and shortly thereafter, Scott and Kay Rice graciously leased the current site of our fire station to us and our station was built a few years later.

It takes many, many volunteer hours to build an entire fire department from the ground up and to maintain it. Since that time many people have contributed to the department as officers and firefighters and their hard work has helped us acquire the equipment and the skills we have today.

Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue’s district begins at the northern boundary of the village of Pecos and includes the entire Pecos Canyon which is almost exclusively a wildland/urban interface area, meaning that residences are very close to trees, grass and other natural fuels and a house fire can easily cause a wild fire and as well, a wildfire has great potential to damage homes. With almost 500 homes in our district, and one way in/one way out, the threat of wildfire is huge.

The San Miguel County, New Mexico Wildland Urban Interface Community Wildfire Protection Plan identifies almost our entire fire district as having a high or a very high relative hazard ranking and the two most extreme areas identified happen to be in our district as well; Dalton Canyon and Grass Mountain.

One of the biggest challenges regarding fire suppression in our district is a water supply. We have no municipal water supply and no fire hydrants in our district. We do however have natural water supplies and we have identified many that are usable to us. There is a great need to identify, upgrade and create more water supplies that would be accessible for fire suppression. We currently have one 10,000 gallon tank with a “Dry hydrant” in the La Posada area and our goal is to increase our water supply by adding more dry hydrants to gain a good, clean, year around water source. If you have a water source on your property that could be of value to us, please let us know and we will come by and inspect it.

Currently, Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue has an ISO rating of 9. We are preparing to be re-inspected soon and hope to gain a rating of 8b which should mean a savings to some residents on their home insurance and also mean more money for the department.

One long range goal is to find property in the Cowles or Grass Mountain area for a substation. It would be very beneficial to residents to have a 2 or 3 bay station where we could keep a few pieces of apparatus which would shorten our response time to the upper Pecos Canyon. If you know of a piece of property with year around access that might be available, please let us know.

We are here to serve you in your time of need. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions to help improve our services, please contact us.

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