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Pre-plan Form for Emergencies


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The Pecos Valley has been designated as a Planning Stage for evacuation.

To see interactive map for evacuation status click HERE TO SEE MAP. ~Eric Roybal


Pre-Incident Plan (PIP) Form

  • This form (the PIP Form), when completed, will be carried in fire apparatus to help us determine how best to respond to an emergency on your property. This is NOT a fire inspection.

  • This form will be used in an emergency and needs to be easy to read.

  • Information provided on this form will be used for official use only.

  • The more information you can give us, the better.

  • Please fill out a separate PIP Form for each habitable building on your property and/or for each building containing significant Hazardous Material even if the building is not habitable. We do not need a form for small, insignificant buildings unless they contain hazardous material that could be a danger if it catches fire. If you are pre-planning more than one building, please mail or email us a site drawing showing all buildings as well as a floor plan of each building.

  • If you send us a floor plan or site plan, please reduce it to 8 " x 11", info must fit in a binder.

  • Before listing your physical address, please confirm your 911 Address on our website at (click here) or call Mario Vasquez at San Miguel County at (505) 454-1654 ext 208. Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue cannot change your address; any inconsistencies must be addressed by contacting San Miguel County.

  • If you download the PIP Form, please e-mail the completed form back to us at or mail it to: Pecos Canyon Fire & Rescue, PO Box C-2, Terrero, NM 87573.

  • If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or leave a message at 505-757-2591.

Thank you for your participation and assistance!

The On-line PIP Form is under construction. It will be ready soon.

You can download the Pre-Planning for Emergencies PDF document by Clicking Here.

The following link allows you to download the Pre-Incident Plan (PIP) Form as a Word document you can type into and email back to PCF&R.   Pre-Incident Plan Form (Word file).

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